Trinidad Martinez
TLM Petro Labor Force, Inc.

Trinidad Martinez is President of TLM Petro Labor Force, Inc., with 25 years of construction experience working with commercial Sustainable energy and petroleum industry. TLM Petro Labor Force, Inc. clients have included BP/Arco, Circle K Stores, 7-Eleven Inc., Conoco Phillips, City of South Gate, City of San Francisco, City of Lynwood, Independent Franchisee, Bovis Lend Lease, Global Alliance Americas, KTLA, KABC, CNN, Toyota USA.

Trinidad Martinez started his career in the petroleum industry as a pipe fitter before being promoted to Superintendent. After 12 years of being in the industry, Trinidad Martinez formed TLM Petro Labor Force, Inc. Currently he is Co- Owner of the company which employs over 35 employees. The company has grown 500% since its inception. The success of TLM Petro Labor Force is a direct result of Trinidad’s commitment and dedication to the company, eager to demonstrate his proficiency. Trinidad is characterized as a visionary, strategist and tactician. Consistent record of delivering extraordinary results in operational performance and job quality in every project. His perseverance on going forward led him to obtain all necessary certifications on Fuel Systems, Underground and above Ground Storage Tanks.

Trinidad has undertaken the challenges of the needs for the diversity in the energy market and successfully become a leader in construction of sustainable fuel systems, such as gaseous and liquid hydrogen, and clean-burning E85 and bio-diesel blends. Trinidad has also focus and is at forefront of new technologies regarding Electric Vehicle Charging stations needs. Trinidad is paving the way for the future of energy using a foundation spanning decades in the construction industry.

Trinidad Martinez is a well known participant in various nonprofit organizations such as, First Luther Church charitable fundraiser, Roosevelt High school scholarship fundraiser, Osteogenesis imperfecta charitable fundraiser, St. Jude Christmas in July charitable fundraiser, St John Bosco scholarship, and Swim with Mike foundation. Trinidad has contributed personal value time and monetary resources to each event.