Corporate Plus Program

Corporate Plus® is a national membership category for  minority business enterprises (MBEs) designed to recognize their national capabilities, bring them to the attention of more national corporate members, and expand their participation in the NMSDC Network.

Everyone wins through the Corporate Plus® program:

  • National corporate members will have a proven list of experienced national MBEs that have been recommended by other major corporations.
  • National MBEs will have greater access and opportunities to other national corporate members.
  • National Corporate Plus® members will provide additional opportunities to other MBEs through continued development of their own internal minority business development programs.

Click here for more information on the Corporate Plus® program.


National Corporate Plus ® Members as of September, 2014:


ACT● 1 Group
Acro Service Corporation
Aldelano Packaging Corporation
All American Meats, Inc.
Alliance of Professionals & Consultants, Inc.
American Product Distributors, Inc.
Aquent, LLCArtech Information Systems, LLC
Aspen Group, Inc.
B & S Electric Supply Co., Inc.
Baldwin Richardson Foods Co.
The Bartech Group
Blackstone Consulting, Inc.
Blaylock Beal Van, LLC
CB Tech
CSA Central, Inc. & CSA Architects & Engineers
Campos EPC, LLC
ChemicoMays, LLC
Collabera, Inc.
Colonial Press International, Inc.
Devon Facility Management LLC
Eagle Promotions
Evolv Solutions, LLC
EWIE Co., Inc.
FCI Management Consultants
Faison Office Products, Inc.
Gali Service Industries, Inc.
Gonzalez Saggio & Harlan LLP
Goodman Networks, Inc.
Guy Brown Management, LLC
Ernie Green Industries, Inc.
Group O, Inc.
Harris & Ford, LLC
Heritage Vision Plans, Inc.
Hightowers Petroleum Company
Hooven-Dayton Corporation
Image Projections West, Inc.
Infinite Computer Solutions, Inc.
Integrated Systems Analysts, Inc.
Kem Krest Corporation
LaCosta Facility Support & Services, Inc.
Liberty Power
López Negrete Communications, Inc.
MPS Group, Inc.
MW Logistics, LLC
MarkMaster, Inc.
MasTec, Inc.
The Matlet Group, LLC
Mays Chemical Company, Inc.
Morgan Company, Inc.
NuTek Steel, LLC
Ongweoweh Corp.
PS Energy Group, Inc.
Pacific Rim Capital, Inc.
Perfect Output LLC
Prystup Packaging Products
Quality Packaging Specialists International, LLC
Radio One, Inc.
The RCF Group
Rose International, Inc.
Rush Trucking Corporation
SBM Site Services, LLC
SDI International Corp.
SHI International Corp, Inc.
Sayers40, Inc.
South Coast Paper, LLC
Summit Container Corporation
Superior Maintenance Co.
Synova, Inc.
Taylor Bros. Construction Co., Inc.
Technology Integration Group (TIG)
Telamon Corporation
THOR Construction, Inc.
Total Technical Services, Inc.
Trillion Communications Corporation
Tronex International, Inc.
Urban Lending Solutions
VXI Global Solutions
Vocalink Language Services
The Williams Capital Group, L. P.
World Pac Paper, LLC
World Wide Technology, Inc.
Zones, Inc.