The MBE Certification Process

When you’re certified here, expect to receive the same basic services we provide from all 23 councils in the NMSDC network. NMSDC MBE certification is also the most accepted ethnic minority certification by procurement professionals in the private sector, universities and hospitals.

Application Process Roadmap

MBE Certification Application Process Roadmap

Pre-Certification Workshop

Want to learn more about the MBE application process, including required documents and eligibility? Meet the team that will be handling your application at the SCMSDC Pre-Certification Workshop.


Program Includes:

  • Eligibility requirements for becoming a certified MBE
  • Explanation and samples of required documents
  • Opportunity to ask specific questions related to your company
  • Assistance with the NMSDC portal application process

When: The second Tuesday of each month from 2-3:30 PM
Where: A link will be sent to you prior to the meeting


Nationwide, there are nearly 18,000 NMSDC – certified MBEs in the NMSDC network of 23 regional affiliates, and nearly 1,700 member corporations seeking to do business with MBEs.

All twenty-three affiliate councils under the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) are assigned service areas.  The SCMSDC serves thirteen (13) Central and Southern California counties north of the Mexican border up to and inclusive of Fresno County, with the exception of San Diego County.  To determine which council serves your headquartered location, visit click ‘Benefits of Certification,’ scroll down to “Ready to Get Certified?” and click “Contact Your Regional Affiliate.”

Additional Benefits for NMSDC-certified MBEs

In addition to items noted under WHY CERTIFY, the benefits below are offered:

  • Discounted registration fees at NMSDC major national events, and SCMSDC local events
  • RFPs/Business leads/alerts for procurement opportunities
  • Networking and matchmaking events
  • Technical and/or financial assistance support
  • List of Community business resources
  • Scholarships to Advanced Managed Entrepreneurial Programs, as available
  • Company spotlight on e-Newsletters


Applicant(s) must complete the MBE Certification Application AND SUBMIT ALL REQUIRED DOCUMENTS ACCORDING TO BUSINESS STRUCTURE.

Applicant(s) Must Be:

  • at least 25% origin of a qualifying ethnic minority group (Asian American/Asian Indian/Pacific Islander; African-American, Hispanic, American Indian)*
  • a for-profit business
  • 51% owned, managed and controlled by an ethnic* minority or a group of “ethnic minorities”
  • A United States citizen
  • Located in the U.S. or its trust territories
  • The ultimate decision maker of the applicant company, as may be applicable; and/or the highest ranking employee of the applicant company (President or CEO)


  • NMSDC-MBE certification is a national certification within the 23 affiliate councils. This means your NMSDC certification is accepted by all 23 affiliate councils, and you receive the same basic services as those provided by all councils. 
  • Councils notify MBEs 30- 60- and 90-days prior to the MBE certification expiration (aka your ‘anniversary’ date). Renewing your certification 30 to 90 days does not change your anniversary date.  Early renewal of your certification prevents issues beyond control that may cause delay in your certification remaining valid.  It is your responsibility to renew by the date your certification expires. 
  • An expedite fee is charged when MBEs request their certifications are given higher priority than those already submitted and are in review.

Certification fees are tiered based on gross annual revenue. Please ensure you meet the eligibility requirements before submitting your application. Processing fees are non-refundable.

Certification Class+1
Certification Class+2
Certification Class+3
Certification Class+4

Need your Certification ASAP?
We can expedite your application for an additional fee.

Expedited Certification Class+1
Expedited Certification Class+2
Expedited Certification Class+3
Expedited Certification Class+4
To assist in the timely processing of your application, please submit all of the requested documents. Our Certification team will let you know if there is missing or incomplete information; however, if we have not received the requested documents after 90 days of contacting you, a $100 extension fee will apply.

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