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Business Sense Bootcamp Webinar Series: Cybersecurity

June 12 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am


Get ready to dive into the world of cybersecurity with the Sabio Coding Bootcamp’s lively and engaging “Cybersecurity Essentials” party!

🎉Join us for an hour packed with fun and informative activities that will boost your cyber-smarts. Whether you’re a newbie wanting to learn about protecting your digital footprint or a seasoned pro looking to refresh your knowledge, this event is for you!

🚀 Hosted on Zoom, this virtual bash brings together enthusiasts and experts in a relaxed, interactive setting. Expect games, quizzes, and lively discussions that make learning about cybersecurity as enjoyable as a hangout with friends. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to party up and power up your cybersecurity skills! 🚀

About the Speaker

Barnett Fischer is a seasoned Full-Stack Software Engineer and Cybersecurity Instructor with a rich background in crafting innovative solutions for OEM/VAR markets within the manufacturing industry. During his tenure, Barnett collaborated internationally, pivotal in the evolution of proprietary mainboards and hardware components for personal computers. From spearheading the launch of the 486-SX/DX line to developing cutting-edge DynmiCache Architecture (DCA) 486-DX2/3 with EDRAM and Pentium 66/90/120 mainboards, his contributions have left an indelible mark on the industry.

Transitioning seamlessly into software development, Barnett was a key software beta tester for Microsoft, Novell, and IBM OS/2, ensuring seamless hardware compatibility with forthcoming OS versions. These experiences ignited his passion for technology, leading to his pursuit of Full-Stack software development.

In his current role, Barnett collaborates with a dynamic team of instructors, focusing on empowering developers to excel in full-stack web application development using cutting-edge programming technologies. His responsibilities include mentoring developers in AGILE/Scrum methodologies, instilling essential Web Development principles, refining “Code Small” techniques, implementing effective debugging strategies, and fostering collaborative coding practices. Barnett conducts comprehensive Full Stack training sessions covering frontend (React.js, JavaScript, HTML, CSS), middle-tier (.Net, C#), and backend (SQL Server, SSMS, T-SQL) development. Leveraging GitHub, he assesses, provides feedback, and approves Pull Requests, enhancing the overall quality of production code.

Certified in CompTIA A+ and Security+, Barnett embodies a commitment to excellence and innovation in the ever-evolving technology landscape.