Fiddy Hakim

CEO, En Pointe IT Solutions

Fiddy brings decades of experience to her role as CEO, including her years with AT&T where she was awarded for her consistent talent and drive. Her technical background from UCLA with a BS in Electrical Engineer and her MBA from the Anderson School at UCLA set the stage for her success.

And when she hasn’t been leading in the business sector, she’s been driven to contribute socially to people who are often underrepresented. As a long time volunteer within her local and national communities, she’s volunteered with shelters, fundraisers and even coached female entrepreneurs in how to start and run their own business.

It’s the same spirit of commonality and stewardship that led Fiddy to found En Pointe ITS, where she’s helped build a team that represents and encourages diversity in the technology supply chain of Fortune 500 companies. Under her leadership and through her solid commitment to organizations like the NMSDC and WBENC, En Pointe ITS was quick to establish itself in the industry.