Liliana Aide Monge

Jun 5, 2024 | Cohort 9 Graduates

Sabio School of Software Engineering

Liliana Aide Monge is the Co-Founder and CEO of Sabio, an innovative social enterprise working to increase the number of women, and people of color that become professional software engineers.  Since its inception, 55% of its graduates are either Latino or African American, and 30% are women, which is 10% higher than the industry average. Sabio offers training to anyone that is highly motivated and no prior technical experience is needed. Sabio also works with hundreds of military veterans and helps them gain tech skills needed to thrive in today’s information economy.  

Liliana was born in Northern Mexico, and came to the states when she was 5 years old.  She lived in Los Angeles for most of her childhood with her mother and older Sister.  She attended Wellesley College and graduated with a BA in Biology in 1999.  She was a founding board member for DIY Girls, a nonprofit in the San Fernando Valley that helps young girls gain STEM skills early in their education.  She is also an Advisory  Board Member of the City of Los Angeles Development Fund, an organization tasked with allocating the City’s NMTCs. Since then she has made Los Angeles her home, alongside her Co-Founder, and husband, Gregorio Rojas, where they are currently raising their two boys.