Patricia Summers

Jun 5, 2024 | Cohort 9 Graduates

California Smog Institute

In 2004, Patricia and Jonathan observed the departure of Vocational Programs from local schools and its impact on the rise of At-Risk Students, those less likely to succeed. Having experienced being At-Risk Students themselves, they recognized the necessity of vocational programs, understanding that not all students are college-bound. This realization led to the establishment of their first venture, California Smog & Automotive Institute, a vocational school catering to At-Risk Students, aimed at providing them with opportunities for gainful employment in the automotive industry.

In 2007, they launched their second venture, CSAI Automotive Service, a AAA Preferred Auto Repair Service Center. This initiative exposes students to real-life automotive service situations and diagnostics.

Patricia and Jonathan Summers are also the founders of Sage Leadership Academy, a school dedicated to combating resignation and despair among Inner-City Youth, Reentry, and the less fortunate. They believe that individuals are always doing their best with the resources available to them, and it’s their life’s purpose to empower Inner-City Youth by enhancing their awareness, knowledge, skills, and providing them with tools for self-actualization and a sense of belonging.

Patricia and Jonathan presently manage their fourth endeavor, CSAI Smog Check Center, intending to transform it into an internship hub for graduates of the California Smog & Automotive Institute. All their ventures are in Riverside, CA.