Recertification Process

When you’re certified here, expect to receive the same basic services we provide from all 23 councils in the NMSDC network. NMSDC MBE certification is also the most accepted ethnic minority certification by procurement professionals in the private sector, universities and hospitals.



  • Declaration affidavit
  • Most recent Federal Tax Return (if not, previous years Tax Return and extension 7004 after April 15th)

Recertify within 90 days of expiration

SCMSDC coverage regions

RECERTIFICATION FEE based on gross annual revenue

(All fees are non-refundable)

Recertification Class 1
Recertification Class 2
Recertification Class 3
Recertification Class 4

Recertification Late Fee

Recertification Late Fee Class+1
Recertification Late Fee Class+2
Recertification Late Fee Class+3
Recertification Late Fee Class+4

Expedited Recertification Fee

Recertification Expedited Fee Class+1
Recertification Expedited Fee Class+2
Recertification Expedited Fee Class+3
Recertification Expedited Fee Class+4
To assist in the timely processing of your application, please submit all of the requested documents. Our Certification team will let you know if there is missing or incomplete information; however, if we have not received the requested documents after 60 days of contacting you, a $100 extension fee will apply.

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